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  • Save the Date: 2024 Classic Grounded Theory International Virtual Conference - April 26-27, 2024
  • Save the Date: 2024 International Congress for Qualitative Research and Theory Methodologies - Sept 27-29, 2024

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Dr. Barney Glaser

Glaser Memorial
Dr. Barney Glaser developed grounded theory with Dr. Anselm Strauss in the 1960s. For over 50 years, Dr. Glaser wrote about and mentored many students and researchers learning grounded theory. He touched the lives of many students and researchers. As we mourn his loss, this is an area for you to share how he has touched your life.

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Glaser Memorial Fund
The Institute for Research and Theory Methodologies has established a fund in memory of Dr. Barney Glaser. Donations will be used to fund grants for classic grounded theory studies. US donations are tax-deductible. Donations through Paypal can be made using the button below, or you can contact us at for other ways of donating.

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